• Prophetic Fulfillment
  • Provision
  • Protection
  • Progress

Prophetic Word Promised;
Proceeding Word Fulfilled.

Open Heavens Secured;
Abundant Provisions Released.

Under the Shadow of the Most High;
Awesome Protection Received.

Enabling Grace Imparted;
Accelerated Progress Achieved.

Lion of Judah Ministries - Namibia

Welcome to Lion of Judah Ministries

To Build Up and Restore the Body of Christ

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Watch the Firestorm add 2014 Prophetic Word on You Tube YouTube Links

Upcoming Courses:
  • 16 & 17 April: Discovering Your Life Partner
  • 19 June: Intensive training for Intercession starts 19th for 8 weeks
Please see our 'Itinerary' for more dates and to 'Courses and Events' for more details for each course. Please also take note of the prerequisite for each course as indicated. No exceptions will be made.

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2014 - Year of Extraordinary!

In this time of becoming extraordinary we need to remember to "stay in the boat with Christ". We can never loose our focus to stay connected to God most High, Creator of the universe as it is only in the order of Melchizedek that we can truly become extraordinary people!
All is only possible in and through Christ Jesus and not in compromise or focusing on formulas and methodology of man. There must be becoming from ordinary to extraordinary. everything needs to change. Our relationship with Christ needs to become extraordinary; our way of thinking needs to move from the 'dark ages' to extraordinary; our way of living needs to become extraordinary; our relationships with family and friends needs to extraordinary; our way of living and expressing Christ needs to become extraordinary. Nothing can remain in the ordinary any more and we cannot remain in our comfort zones anymore!

You will see the extraordinary come into your life if you start to allow the Lord to lead you where you don't want to go and take you into the the fullness of His Word and Spirit.
High Visibility and Maximum Impact will take you into the Cross Over for Take Over and position you for the Extraordinary!

Position yourself to stay connected and "in the boat" and become the extraordinary that God has created you to be.
Books & MP3 Media available

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Now Available - New Release
Firestorm - 2013 - Gunther A. Schenk
Complete reformation of a nation comes when the Word of God has become entrenched in the individual’s entire life and has become the foundation that they live from. This makes them ignitable material so that when the Spirt of the Lord comes upon this individual, they are ignited and become the carriers of His Word and Kingdom, being “His witnesses” where ever they go and in every arena of society.
God’s desire is that every individual that stands in relationship with Him, will become a flame carrier, spreading His Word and touching the world with His Life and Love, in boldness and without compromise!
‘Firestorm’ gives insight to the power of the Word and the dimensions of the Holy Spirit and how the two work in unison in the believers life.


Firestorm Add


Günther Schenk speaks about his book "The Key of David"

The Key of David - 2010 - Gunther A. Schenk
The Key of David
The Key of David is available on amazon.com and also directly for sale from the author.
YouTube Links:
View the Prophetic word over Africa given by Dr Jonathan David at the European Youth Congress 2013.

Prophetic word over the Nation of Japan by Dr Jonathan David, Dr Bill Hamon, Dr Tunde Bakare & Apostle Tom Hamon.


Prophetic word for 2013 by Dr. Jonathan David


Review this word for Namibia. Move into High Visibility and Maximum Impact!

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